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Travertine is a versatile, natural, durable stone and can be used for wall tiles or floor tiles. It will look amazing in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and wet rooms and is a popular choice for worktops, wall tiles and floor tiles.

Travertine is a compacted form of limestone that forms in rivers and hot springs. Chemical deposits within the stone create bands or lines in shades of beige and cream that run through the stone producing a warm colour. The unique shading and appearance of each tile creates a natural charm and appeal. Travertine is available in a variety of colours and finishes, the colour of the stone is dictated by the iron content and impurities of the stone.

Travertine comes in a range of finishes including polished, honed and tumbled. Honed and Filled Travertine Stone Tiles are smooth, but unlike polished, it has a matte finish. Polished travertine is smooth, and is buffed and polished until shiny. Tumbled Travertine Stone Tiles have a rougher, textured finish and often have rounded corners for an 'aged' look.

Travertine is a porous stone so wall tiles and floor tiles must be treated with sealant prior to fitting, otherwise it will stain easily. Once correctly sealed the tiles will repel water, oil and dirt making cleaning easier and staining much less likely.

Travertine is highly durable, and can with stand weathering making Travertine Tiles a popular choice. We recommend Polished Travertine Tiles for use within the home, as it is more tolerant to heat, scratches and acidity and should be used with specialist cleaning products, which contain no vinegar or citrus oils.

Please note, due to the natural properties of travertine, no two tiles are the same.

Choosing the Finish

•    Tumbled – This offers the look and feel of natural stone and does not reflect too much light. It is versatile enough for both floor tiles and wall tiles.

•    Honed – This finish is the common choice in households. It is flat, matte, and smooth, so light is muted. This tile is not textured but offers a natural look and is less expensive.

•    Shiny - Travertine tiles can be polished to look smooth and glossy for a more lavish appearance. You can also choose to have this type of finish for travertine walls.

•    Brushed - This is another option if you want the tile to have a flat and textured surface but are not willing to spend on a more expensive tumbled finish.samples are free  please call to arrange